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Let’s Play Modern American Mah Jongg!
A Flipbook Reference Guide (NEW SECOND EDITION!)
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Learn how to play Mah Jongg with a flip of a page! ** NEW SECOND EDITION Now with Tips from Seasoned Players!** There’s no other reference tool quite like our flipbook guide for those discovering this fast, fun but sometimes confusing game. Its 20 color pages take you through the basics and beyond in a convenient, user-friendly design. Read it, then keep it handy for guidance and quick answers as you play. Sharpen your skills and build confidence. It makes a great gift for newcomers to Modern American Mah Jongg, and also can be helpful reading for players who have been away from the game and want to brush up quickly. Money back guarantee. If you find the book is not what you expected, just return it in the same condition and you will be refunded your money. More than 22,000 happy customers have discovered and purchased this flipbook. Join in the fun and become a more confident player!

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