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I now have Mah Jongg tile fabric and can make and send face masks to MJ players! I am asking for a donation to cover the cost of materials. most ppl donate between $5-$10 per mask (+$3 postage). Email me, if you want one or some. If you do Venmo, I’m @stacey1955 there, or you can mail me a check. Hope everyone is staying safe!Mah Jongg Face Mask


Time to Celebrate!

On November 1st, we achieved our goal of 1,000 flipbooks sold!



From the “Mah Jongg and Me” Blog

Our dear friend Donna out in San Luis Obispo has a fun new idea for her upcoming Mah Jongg tournament. She has filled a jar with various tiles and for $1 you can enter the contest to guess how many tiles are in the jar. The correct guess wins all the money!! Donna has an […]

via WHAT A GREAT IDEA! — Mah Jongg and Me


Sales are increasing each month!

As of today, April 28th 2016, we’ve sold 471 flipbooks.  And just for the month of April, the combined number of books ordered through Amazon, Ebay, in person and here at our website as of this moment is 90. That’s an average of 3 per day! We are very proud and excited that our flipbook is proving to be so popular and useful.

Here are some more stats, in case you are curious:

  • The state with the largest sales total so far is … FLORIDA with 75 books sold
  • The states in second and third place are WASHINGTON 54 and CALIFORNIA 45
  • You might notice in the picture below that I’ve had to exchange the larger push pins for smaller ones for the NE area and Florida since I was running out of room!
  • We’ve sold to all the states but seven so far. These are the seven markets we have
    yet to break through to:

    • Indiana
    • Iowa
    • Maine
    • Mississippi
    • Montana
    • Rhode island
    • Utah

2016-4-28 Sales Map


Sales up to 205! Plus – New Sales to More States…

Word Cloud 1-23-018 red backround


Word Cloud showing sales as of 1/12/16

State Sales Word Cloud 1-12-024


Mah Jongg and Cheesecake for Christmas!

2015-12-25 01.03.30

Santa Dave (my husband) gave me this beautiful new Mah Jongg set for Christmas this year. It’s the “Lucky Green” set. 


(From left to right) Susan, Ruth, me and Tim playing MJ and eating my sister’s delicious cheesecake during my annual Jewish Brunch. And for a special treat Ruth taught us how to play Chinese Mah Jongg… Fun! Time to think about writing and publishing a Chinese MJ Flipbook? Maybe… 


New Products!

Announcing…. Custom-Made Jewelry Now Available for Purchase!

Here are a few samples. Numbers 3-6 are Mah Jongg pendants and numbers 1, 2, & 7 are beaded necklaces. Email me if you are interested in any of these. I can’t promise that a specific item will still be available for purchase because once it sells, it’s gone. I am happy to make items similar to the ones you see here. Email me with your design ideas!
Each Mah Jongg pendant necklace costs $19.99 (plus shipping & handling and tax, where applicable). The beaded necklaces are $14.99 each. To purchase, please email me (see contact page) to make sure what you want is still available.


Mah Jongg!

How fun is this? My friend, Peggy Mah-Jongging” with one of those elusive “pairs” hands!

Mah Jongg Fever!

Do you live in the Seattle Area? Are you looking for a friendly Mah Jongg group to join?

Mah Jongg Fever

Calling all Mah Jonggers and Mah Jongger-hopefuls!

If you don’t play at all or have only played the online matching version of Mah Jongg, why not try the REAL thing? Seattle’s Mah Jongg Fever Meetup group has been introducing newbies to the game of American Mah Jongg since 2009. Seasoned players as well as people who’ve been away from the game are always welcome too. We meet at the Panama Hotel & Tea House at 6:30 pm on the 2nd, 4th and 5th Wednesdays and at Delridge Uptown Espresso on the 1st and 3rd Wednesdays at 1:30 pm. No experience necessary and we provide all game materials. Just bring your smile and your desire to learn and make new friends!

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