I now have Mah Jongg tile fabric and can make and send face masks to MJ players! I am asking for a donation to cover the cost of materials. most ppl donate between $5-$10 per mask (+$3 postage). Email me, stacey1955@gmail.com if you want one or some. If you do Venmo, I’m @stacey1955 there, or you can mail me a check. Hope everyone is staying safe! I’ve also moved my Ebay listing info and pictures to my website here, for anyone interested in looking at the 75+ fabric choices for face masks I have available. Just email me at stacey1955@gmail.com with your order, and be sure to tell me which size and style you want. Scroll down past all the pictures for details…
Handmade Cotton Face Mask  Reusable Handmade Face Masks (not medical grade) Made in Seattle, WA in a smoke-free/pet-free environment Over 850 face masks sold since April 2020. Suggested donation is $5-$10 per mask. Plus $3 shipping, if applicable. If you live in the Seattle area, no-contact porch pick ups are an option. 3 layers: 1 layer of non-woven interfacing sewn between 2 layers of 100% pre-washed cotton fabric Waterproof, bendable wire sewn in along bridge of nose for tighter fit Size: Approximate Width: between 7 and 8 inches; Approximate Height: 3 inches on either side and 6 inches down the middle; Approximate Length of elastic bands for behind the ears: 7 inches. If you want a larger size (for men) or smaller (for kids) please send that info to me in a message. Variations Available: If you don’t care to have elastic around your ears, I can also make masks that have ties instead, or one longer elastic to go around the back of your head with ties at the bottom. Just ask! Care: Machine washable or hand wash and machine dry or hang dry overnight Masks shown in photos are simply examples, the fabric design may vary somewhat depending on which part of fabric was cut. So your mask may differ slightly. All face masks in the classic style come with a “comfort strap.” This is a fabric and Velcro strap I invented to relieve the pressure on the ears from the elastic that can be an issue for some people. The comfort strap loops around the 2 elastic pieces and sits at the back of the head. 79 fabric choices available (unless sold out). Sizes Available: Men, Women, Older Child 7-12, Younger Child 3-6. If you want a larger mask (for a man with a beard or larger head), please send me these measurements: the distance in inches from the bridge of the nose (where glasses would sit) across the upper cheek to the beginning of where the ear is (just one side). And the other measurement is from the same spot but to the bottom of the chin. The samples pictured are in the classic pattern style, with ear elastic. I also make a pleated type of mask called the 3-D mask. This is a very comfortable option that has the nose bridge wire on the outside of the mask. It also has 2 single adjustable pieces of elastic instead of ear elastic. The top piece goes around the back of the head and the bottom piece goes around the back of the neck. See the sample in blue fabric (in my listing photos) that shows what it looks like from the front, the side and the back. If you want to order this style instead of the classic style, just send me a message requesting the 3-D Mask. Questions are welcome and I will respond as soon as possible. Thanks for your patronage!