This is a link to’s HELP page where Matt has posted this:

How to play Mah Jongg is a great place to learn if you are new to the game! I’d recommend getting started by playing against the computer players before jumping into a game with other people.

If you are still learning to play or looking for tips and tricks to become a better player, I highly recommend “Let’s Play Modern American Mah Jongg! A Flipbook Reference Guide” from 26th Avenue Press. This is a fantastic reference to keep with you at the table!

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Click HERE to go to Sloperama’s page that features the FLIPBOOK
Scroll down on this page to read it here. Scroll down on the linked page to see it there.

Click HERE to go to the PHOTO ESSAY by Yiqin Weng, a journalism student at UW
He did a super job showing what our games looked like on that day!

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